“Your Ultimate Winter Skincare Guide” By: Shannon Boyce


It’s hard to believe, but winter is on the way…and fast. Temperatures are dropping at a rapid pace and Christmas decorations are starting to pop up around the neighbourhood. While it’s easy to get excited about the holiday season, there is one major drawback: cold weather and indoor heating can wreak havoc on your skin.

 Before you stress yourself out, take a deep breath and relax. It’s time to change up your skincare routine! This year, you won’t have to deal with dryness, flaky patches, or tightness anymore. Here is your ultimate winter skincare guide…it’ll keep you looking beautiful from head to toe.

 Start With the Scalp

 The winter is typically filled with fun parties, formal events, and family get-togethers. Which is why the last thing you want to deal with is an itchy, flaky scalp. Unfortunately when the weather starts to get cold, every part of your skin is affected. This season, trade in your regular shampoo for something that gives your scalp some much needed attention. You’ll want to choose a moisturizing shampoo that focuses on reducing flakes. It will give your scalp the moisture it needs and get rid of that uncomfortable itchy feeling.

 Change Up Your Moisturizer

 During the winter months, nothing, and I mean nothing, is more important than a good moisturizer. It is the best way to deal with dryness. Before you reach for your every day moisturizer, stop and take a look at the ingredients. Not all moisturizers are made equally – and they shouldn’t be used all year round. Certain moisturizers work better in certain temperatures. For instance, during the wintertime, your moisturizer should be thicker and oil-based.

 When selecting your winter moisturizer, make sure that your products are oil-based rather than water-based. The oil will protect your skin better and give you even more moisture. Keep a look out for products with vitamin E or shea butter – they are ideal for extreme climates. Be careful what moisturizer you use on your face, though! Something too heavy can clog your pores. Look for oils like almond oil, avocado oil, or mineral oil when choosing your ideal facial moisturizer.

 Don’t Forget to Exfoliate

 Have you ever noticed how dull and lifeless your skin looks in the winter? There is one easy solution…exfoliate! Using a body scrub or exfoliating mitt, exfoliate your skin twice a week to remove any dead skin cells. Not only will this make your skin look brighter and healthier, it will also allow your moisturizer to skin in deeper. This means your skin will stay hydrated for even longer.

 Get the Perfect Pout

 No one likes having dry, chapped lips. They irritating and they hurt, too! This year, avoid this common problem by staying hydrated. To do that, you’ll need to drink tons of water (which is great for all of your skin throughout the year), use a lip balm with an SPF in it, avoid licking your lips, and staying away from lip products that contain petroleum. Why? Petroleum can actually make it harder for moisture to get to your lips.

Use a Hand and Foot Cream

It’s important to take care of every part of your skin. This includes your hands. Even though the skin on your hands is thinner, they are often exposed to the cold during the winter. This can make your hands dry and cracked. Use a hand lotion when you get up and before you go to bed…and don’t forget to wear gloves when you leave the house!

 Your feet also take a hit in the wintertime. Wearing wet socks and boots can make the skin on your feet extra sensitive and dry. The solution? At night, use a foot cream or lotion that has either petroleum jelly or glycerine in it. To add even more moisture to your feet, don’t forget to exfoliate every as necessary.

 Other Winter Skincare Tips:  

-          Stay away from hot showers. Even though a toasty shower sounds perfect after coming in from the cold – don’t do it! The hot water can lead to a loss of moisture in your skin. Opt for warm showers instead.

-          Use a humidifier in your home. Your indoor heating can seriously dry out your skin. By using a humidifier, you’re putting more moisture back into the air.

-          Apply sunscreen. Even though the sun isn’t as hot in the winter, that doesn’t mean it can’t affect your skin! Be sure to use sunscreen before you go out to avoid doing any damage.

 Winter may be the most wonderful time of the year, but it can be awfully hard on your skin. Take care of your body from head to toe by following this simple winter skincare guide. It won’t be long before you see (and feel) the difference!

Shannon Boyce is a Fashion & Beauty writer over at the http://butlerway.com/  Find her there and

Serious Relationships Work!

Paul wrote this earlier this week and I have been thinking about it since. He is absolutely right when he said that fighting over the small stuff is silly. It is. We have always been the couple that will argue about something silly and 5 minutes later be fine and talking about something else. In 23 years together, I have yet to be able to stay mad at that man for longer than a few hours. That can be annoying when you want to be mad but ultimately I think it means that we have a strong connection. A deep foundation.


Don’t get me wrong, we can say some crappy things to each other but again, after all these years, we are family and with that comes unconditional love and forgiveness.

The other main point he made is being attracted to other people. We are open about discussing this. Paul is not shy about pointing out a lovely lady to me or asking me if I find someone attractive. I suppose I could get upset about him looking at other women but he is a man and last time I checked, not blind. It’s ridiculous to even bat an eye at that (rolling your eyes is totally acceptable). Looking and talking about it is completely respectful and normal.

We bicker, we argue but never do either of us think we are getting a divorce.  We are in this forever and more people should have that same mentality.

Written by Kerry Ann Butler, Co-founder of the Butlerway.com

The Real Housewives Of New Jersey

Now, I am not a fan of any of these shows. But after reading a few pieces from Mandi Nowitz, I found her to be so hilarious. So I started looking at some of the featured reality show stars of the whole Real Housewives franchise. I came to the conclusion most of them are a plastic surgery chain wreck. The one who stood out to me was Melissa Gorga, from the New Jersey show

dish-083011-melissa-gorga (1)

You have to read Mandi’s review of the recent reunion show HERE

By Kerry Ann Butler @kerryabutler

Working Out Should Be Hard


Watching a segment on The Today show this morning I came to the conclusions that we as Americans may becoming to gullible and over exposed to weight loss and exercise scams. This morning they had a female showing over weight ladies how to lose weight with their dogs. The exercises they were engaged in didn’t look as if it took much effort.

We all have our struggles with body image but we have to get serious about exercise if you are going to lose a significant amount of weight. Many search out the easiest form of exercise only to fail after only a few weeks or even days…year after year, time after time. If you want to lose weight with your dog take the traditional methods. Running or speed walking with your dog on a leash. You can even stop at the park and do some push ups, sit ups and pull ups. We are also bombarded with DVD and  infomercials. Yes I believe P90X, Insanity and fitness moms like Jillian Michaels are the way to go if you can stay committed to working out at home as you watch the TV and follow the instructions of the video. I would argue that many of us fail in that kind of environment. Going to the gym you are more than likely will get something accomplished because you’re there. Running and a fast walk is a way for you to spend time with a friend or your significant other and of course, your dog. Ultimately if you’re not dripping in sweat, it’s probably time to evaluate your chosen form of exercise.

Working out is never simple in many ways especially women exercising with a friends or that nice group of people from the book club might just be a crutch. Find what works for you and challenge your body to the point of breaking a good sweat. For those of us that are challenged for time, you can accomplish that in as little as 20 minutes.

By Paul E. Butler

Age is Just A Number

You can party at any age

You can party at any age

I’ve observed many couples and singles lately between 35 to 45 years old on average. It seems that most of us seem to repress our good energy from coming out when we are around others. As if having kids and getting older means you can’t have fun anymore.

I probably should get out with friends and socialize more myself. One thing I always try to do when I
see others is be up beat. After all, who wants some dud around with no energy, killing the mood? Most importantly, we all must remember you are never to old to party and have fun. Too many of us loath in our age and I’m sorry but I’m going to throw the cliche out there; that age is nothing but a number. We all only have one life to live so I say live it to it’s fullest as long as you don’t hurt others.

there are people I know and every time I see them, they bring up how old we are getting, as if being in our early forties we are going to suddenly keel over and have a heart attack tomorrow. It’s a trip to me! Because I feel better than I ever have health and fitness wise.

Many of us get too carried away with being professionals in our careers. I applaud your diligence to your craft, whatever it maybe. However, know when to turn it off and cut loose a bit before you drive yourself and
those around you crazy. It is a stress reliever! Not to mention it will improve both your social life and sex life. Why? Because people are drawn to positive energy. Even your mate unless they lack it too. Which means either one or both of you are not happy. So maybe it’s time for the two of you to take a cab into the city, get drunk and dance the night away or just find a good comfortable seat at the club, Make out and people watch. Just saying!

By Paul E. Butler. Find me on Twitter @PaulEButler

How Do moms Do it?

It’s Throwback Thursday! Here is a post I wrote March 9, 2010. Charnai was still in high school and we lived in Seattle. Time flies…


I am amazed by moms that have more than 2 kids. Even more impressed when they also work another job outside the home. I have no idea how I did that with 2 kids. And one kid practically takes care of herself.

Well, minus her laundry, cooking, buying her things and driving her around.

Paul and I were exhausted just listening to a couple that has 4 kids, all close in age, all playing multiple sports. They are generally in different directions all week. The grandparents chip in so that each kid has someone there watching them. The mom literally has devised a weekly schedule that she distributes so everyone knows when and who is to be where. Not to mention homework, eating and any school functions that pop up. That kind of planning and shuttling is a full time job.

For moms that stay home sometimes it’s assumed that is the life of luxury. Hardly. I have less time now than I did before. There are never enough hours in the day. How is my house still messy and the laundry piled up? I only have 2 kids + 1 husband and I am at home. I can’t figure it out.

And making sure everyone is happy, healthy and developing on track? Making sure special feelings and needs are attended to. Ensuring that everyone feels loved and important.

Knowing when the last doctor check up and dentist visit was and when the next one is due. Which kid likes peanut butter and the one that needs the crust cut off. What time the bus comes or when it’s her lunch period so I can text her.

So moms, I don’t care how many kids you have or if you work another job outside the house or if you stay home full time. You are to be commended! Feel special and important. There is a reason we are here doing this. The next generation of mothers and fathers.